7 Cyber Monday Tips for Christmas Shopping on a Budget

November 14, 2019
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It’s that time of year again—crowded malls, endless lines and driving across town hunting down deals. Thanks to Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving when many online retailers have Black Friday-level deals), you can avoid that.

Curious how to score the awesome Christmas gifts on a student budget—all while in your pajamas? Follow these seven Cyber Monday tips and grab the best deals on this epic sale day.

1. Follow Brands on Social Media

One of the easiest ways to spot Cyber Monday deals is to watch your favorite brands’ social media updates. Many companies will post info on limited-time Cyber Monday deals on Twitter. You can even set up a Cyber Monday Twitter list full of your fave retailers or brands. 

Also, take some time to follow businesses on Facebook before Cyber Monday. Not only will you see their posts, but Facebook will then recommend relevant Cyber Monday deals from comparable brands too.

2. Sign up for Email Blasts

Similar to following your faves on social media, you’ll want to sign up for brands’ email blasts before Thanksgiving week. This is a Cyber Monday tip that makes sure you see their sale info as soon as it’s available. Plus, you may even score exclusive deals! Brands like Bath and Body Works are known for having massive discounts you can only get through email.

3. Watch for Cyber Monday Ads on Black Friday

While you spend Black Friday eating turkey sandwiches and watching Christmas movies, keep a close eye on the ads. Many retailers will target those who stayed at home by showing ads for their Cyber Monday deals. Also, consider going old school—check your local paper and switch on the radio for a bit. While we’re adept at tuning out advertisements, this is one time where it pays to pay attention.

4. Be Prepared to Stay up Late or Get up Early

Many Cyber Monday deals are time-sensitive, either because they’re limited quantity or the promo is only available for an hour. Amazon is known for offering deals that continuously change throughout the day. And some of the most sought after items, especially electronics, may be sold out nearly as soon as the sale starts. Research sale times and quantities, especially on social media! Then, be prepared to hop online as fast as possible, and potentially in the middle of the night. (At least you can jump right back in bed!)

5. Use Price-Comparison Tools

Are you focused on stretching your dollar as far as possible (as most students are)? Then price comparison tools might be your favorite Cyber Monday tip. These tools, like PriceGrabber, will make it clear if you’re getting the lowest price possible before you commit. You can also use an app or web browser extension, like Honey, which searches for all available coupons, codes and discounts. More gifts for less dough? Sign us up!

6. Look For Sites Offering Free Shipping

While sale prices are Cyber Monday’s stars, watch for their less flashy cousins: free shipping offers! This is especially true if you buy large, heavy or bulky items (appliances, musical instruments, etc.). Free shipping is also helpful when purchasing items from several different retailers; those small shipping fees add up fast! 

7. Make a Budget and Stick to It

Okay, this is the least fun Cyber Monday tip. But it’s perhaps the most important. Sometimes, the better the deals are, the easier it is to overspend. Figure out what you’re comfortable spending. For help setting limits, use a Christmas budgeting calculator. Once you settle on a number, stick to it. After all, the holidays are more fun when you aren’t stressed financially!

Master These Cyber Monday Tips To Shop Like a Pro

If you keep these Cyber Monday tips in mind, you’ll get the best deals possible without that Black Friday stress. And what could make for a merrier Christmas than that?
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