6 Tips to Get Fit for Spring Break (That You Won’t Ditch After)

March 1, 2019
Get Fit For Spring Break

Spring break is on the horizon! If you have a trip planned, you might be thinking that now is the time to put in the last-minute work to get your beach bod ready. But instead of restricting your diet and working out like crazy, opt for a more sustainable and realistic health plan, one that you’ll continue with even after you get back. Try the following tips to get fit for spring break and beyond!

1. Be Realistic With Your Fitness and Wellness Plans

For this and future spring breaks, you’ll likely only have a certain amount of time from when you book a trip to when you realize you need to get in shape. Whether that’s three months or three weeks, there is only so much you can do in a given time period. Make sure to set realistic expectations for your fitness and wellness goals.

2. Enlist a Partner in Crime

If you already have a group of friends going on a spring break trip, perfect! You have a built-in team to work out with. If not, you can still ask a friend to join you on your wellness journey.

“Working out with a crowd carries a plethora of intertwined benefits that include enhancing consistency, duration, motivation, conversation, and inspiration,” Dr. Dian Griesel explains to NBC News. In fact, studies have shown that 95 percent of those who started a weight-loss program with friends completed the program. While only 76 percent complete programs on their own.

So convince a friend (or a few), to get fit for spring break with you. It keeps you accountable to make sure you actually make it to the gym, to the class or get out for a run.

3. Find Your Favorite Cardio

Some people hate running, no matter what they try, (listening to podcasts, running on the beach), they just can’t get into. But no workout plan is complete without some form of cardio. Think outside the box and find something that you like to get the heart rate up. A few fun options:

  • Kickboxing: Great cardio—not to mention you can work out your stress on the bag! Find times on the Fike Group Fitness class schedule.
  • Hiking: The weather is starting to warm up—get outside for an early AM hike, bonus points for inclines as those are better cardiovascular exercise. Check out this list of nearby trails for more ideas.
  • Swimming: Not in the lake just yet, but you can hit up the lap pool at Fike to swim laps, find the open hours here.
  • Jump Rope: You can do it indoors, gets the heart rate up fast, and you can pretend you’re a carefree kid again!

4. Focus on Mental Health (Along with Physical)

First things first: let’s take a second to reflect on body positivity. Our bodies are miracles, and do so much for us every day, not to mention are beautiful already. Don’t motivate yourself by looking at your flaws, and focusing on what you need to fix. Keep in mind that you want to be active for your overall health. Stress and anxiety won’t make you feel better. Consider trying meditation or gentle yoga classes to help your mental health, along with your physical wellbeing.

5. Drink Lots of Water!

This should be an everyday occurrence, but it’s often easily forgotten. We even included drinking more water in our New Years Resolutions back in January. Remember to hydrate every day, especially when you’re more active. Keep that practice up while you’re on spring break (sun, beach, drinks, etc. can all dehydrate you). To make sure you remember, buy yourself a new reusable water bottle to take to the gym, and on your trip.

6. Don’t Go Crazy

Just because it’s crunch time, and you want to look good lounging next to the pool, you don’t need to do a crazy work out every day and cut your diet down to just raw veggies, and protein shakes. It’s not a sustainable routine. First, you’ll get to spring break and over-correct with too much food and fun, then it will be all the more difficult to continue with your health and wellness plan once you get back from your trip.

Get Fit for Spring Break and After!

Strive for realistic health, wellness, and fitness patterns that you can keep up with after spring break, and all the way into the official bathing suit season of summer! Also—remember to have fun on your trip and stay safe, Tigers!

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