Instagrammable Spots in Clemson

Clemson paw logo on grass

Image Credit: Ken Scar

Clemson University is well-known for its National Championship football team (Go Tigers!), world-class educational programs—but also it’s beauty. Our campus is nestled between two lakes, with plenty of southern charm, as well as unique buildings, architecture, and tradition.

In the age where people do “everything for the ‘gram,” we set out to find some of the most “instagrammable” spots in and around Tiger Town. Check them out if you’re looking for great backgrounds for pics or if you just want to put down your phone and enjoy the view.

Memorial Stadium

Clemson memorial stadium

Memorial Stadium—better known as Death Valley, a.k.a. Home of the National Champions, the Clemson Tigers—is the first instagrammable Clemson spot we need to talk about. We love our stadium and all of its traditions almost as much as we love football itself—it’s hallowed grounds! Whether you’re inside during a home game (#AllIn) or you’re snapping pics outside its gates, this is a quintessential spot for social media gold!

Clemson Rowing Docks

Not just a place for our rowing team to launch their early morning rides, the dock, complete with it’s orange painted paw, is a classic Clemson spot. The backdrop of Lake Hartwell has even inspired some engagements (and subsequent pics of the events).

Lake Keowee

Group of college students jumping off rock into river
Image Credit: Southeast Discovery

Lake Hartwell isn’t the only body of water serving up serious Instagram aesthetic. Lake Keowee is another scenic place, perfect for taking pictures whether you’re on the shores, on a boat, or enjoying some water sports!

Downtown Clemson

Instagrammable Clemson - Tiger Wall
Image Credit: VisitClemson

Downtown Clemson offers local businesses, shops, and food options for Clemson students, as well as an opportunity to experience the town of Clemson outside the campus. With many iconic restaurants and bars (Esso Club on game days or TTT), there are lots of must-see places. There are also opportunities to take some classic Clemson pics, like the Tiger Wall outside Tiger Sports Shop.

Clemson Dikes

Instagrammable Clemson - Clemson Dikes
Image Credit: Instagram user ely.middleton

The dikes border Lake Hartwell and make for a great place to stroll, take a run, or walk your doggo. This instagrammable Clemson spot offers particularly fantastic sunset views, perfect as a background or a scenic pic on its own! Not to mention, you get that lake beauty just walking distance away from the hustle and bustle of campus—check out this time lapse.

Y Beach

Y Beach
Image Credit: Clemson University

Y Beach a.k.a. Campus Beach is a lakefront sandy spot on Lake Hartwell. The beach is very popular place to either hang out or play volleyball on nice days. It’s also a perfect environment to snap all those #BeachPics for the ‘gram.


The outdoor amphitheater is a cool space and structure in itself. The steps are a classic spot for graduation photo shoots (perhaps you saw them this past spring?) The space also hosts concerts and events that inspire many instagrammable moments throughout the year. Situated directly below the Carillon Gardens and in between the North Green and Reflection Pond, the amphitheater provides 360-degree views of campus. Not to mention, it offers a stunning perspective of Copper Library, especially right around sunset and golden hour.

Anywhere the Tiger is!

The Tiger Mascot
Image Credit: Clemson Newsstand

We all love the Tiger just like we all wear orange on #SolidOrangeFridays, so anywhere the Tiger is on campus is the perfect photo-op!

Instagrammable Clemson

Clemson offers many opportunities to take pictures of your collegiate years that you’ll treasure for decades to come. Just don’t forget to get out from behind (or in front) of the camera and enjoy the experience while you’re here!