6 Side Hustles and Part-Time Jobs for College Students

Coffee barista smiling behind counter

Besides earning extra cash, a part-time job or side hustle provides opportunities to develop work-related skills for your future. A working student also learns to manage their time effectively and gains knowledge to guide career choices. Part-time jobs for college students are available in a variety of areas to accommodate both your schedule and interests. Search for a setting that best fits your academic schedule and provides valuable work skills. Consider working in the following six areas for your part-time job or side hustle. 

1.Service Industry

From earning good money to flexible hours, the service industry is a ideal area for college students to work. Restaurant options are abundant, so look for a business with an environment that fits your personality. Pelican’s Snoballs is a laidback place for seasonal work and has several locations in the Clemson area. If you’re a coffee-lover, consider a local coffee shop such as All In or even Starbucks. For a more formal setting, check out Calhoun Corners or Pixie and Bill’s

2. Dog Sitting and Walking

If you’re an animal lover, consider dog sitting or dog walking. Platforms like Rover and Wag! let you pick up jobs that work around your schedule. The programs allow you to choose which services you would like to provide, set your own rate (i.e., what you get paid), and list pet preferences that work for you. 

3. Fitness Instructor 

If fitness is your passion, consider becoming a fitness trainer or instructor. This industry allows you to stay in shape and encourage others on their fitness journey. Fike, Clemson’s recreation center, hires energetic and encouraging students. Job opportunities include personal trainers and group fitness instructors. For off-campus options, check out a local yoga studio such as Solshine or other gyms like 9 Round.

4. Freelance Projects

Freelance projects are an excellent opportunity to pick up work on your own time. Many companies need remote virtual assistants, which allows you to earn money while working around your current availability. You can search for freelance side hustles that fit your schedule, interests, and experience on sites like Upwork and Fiverr .

5. Academic Assistant

Tutoring is a rewarding part-time job for students. The position cultivates leadership skills, helps others with their learning, and furthers your own academic skills. Besides tutors, Clemson’s Academic Success Center employs students as Peer-Assisted Learning leaders and Peer Success leaders. Check out their website to learn more. 

6. Office or Community Assistant 

Administrative support positions are great part-time jobs for college students. They allow you to learn more about a variety of career fields or industries. Try looking for an office or community assistant position at a business that’s related to your field of study to get relevant work experience. 

Additionally, EPOCH is hiring! We’re looking for rockstar community assistants to promote the EPOCH brand within the Clemson community. Learn more about our culture and apply to join our tribe

Find the Perfect Side Hustles and Part-Time Jobs for College Students 

Part-time jobs for college students allow you to earn money while gaining valuable skills. In the current gig economy, side hustles don’t have to be boring or time-consuming but can be fun and rewarding. For even more opportunities, check out Clemson’s job link site
While academics should always come first, a flexible part-time job or side hustle can round out your schedule and give you much-needed work experience.