At EPOCH, we believe that all of us have a purpose In life – to make a positive impact on our community and our planet. So we continually develop initiatives that encourage – and challenge – residents to promote change environmentally, socially and economically. Which is why all of our programs, activities and amenities are fueled by our founding mantra:

Student Housing for Clemson Students at EPOCH: Apartments, Townhomes, Cottages, Brownstones & Garden-Style Living
Through EPOCH’s proprietary lifestyle framework, we fully facilitate – and celebrate – your journey to academic success, long lasting friendships and meaningful outreach so you can do more of what matters most.

Hard work pays off – and it pays to love where you live. So as part of our founders’ longstanding dedication and commitment to underprivileged and under-resourced youth, EPOCH is proud to partner with the Horatio Alger Association by offering FREE or discounted housing rates through a special scholarship program for those students who qualify.


Horatio Alger Members support promising young people with the potential and confidence needed to overcome adversity and to pursue their dreams through higher education. The Association is designed to recognize men and women of outstanding achievement as a way to remind Americans of the limitless possibilities that exist through the free-enterprise system. Through a special mentorship program, EPOCH students can be paired up with leaders in the community that can offer guidance, support and insight.

We love the lake we live on which is why we’re dedicated to leaving it even better than we found it. By taking part in Clemson’s Lake Hartwell preservation initiatives and programs, not only do we make new friends to swim with, but our kids will get to, too.


At EPOCH, the holidays are our favorite time of year. From turkeys to toys and everything in between, we take every opportunity give more than we get, so that everyone we touch has a full belly and crackling-fire heart.

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