7 Realistic New Year’s Resolutions for College Students

January 11, 2019
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New Year’s Resolutions, we start the year off with the best intentions to live life to the fullest and be our best selves. Yet, come spring, resolutions are mostly forgotten, and we’re back to our same old habits and behavior. College students might have it even harder when it comes to sticking with resolutions, with a continually changing environment, the stress of classes, social life, part-time jobs, etc.  

This year, instead of grand goals or cliché resolutions, try small everyday changes and shifts to make for a healthier, happier (and saner) you in 2019. Try these seven realistic resolutions for college students.

1. Drink More Water

Instead of ‘Be Healthier’

We all want to be healthier, especially after the non-stop partying and feasts associated with the holiday season. However, the problem is staying healthy. This year, focus on one aspect of health, and an important one, hydration. Drinking more water is simple, achievable, and once you get in the habit, this easy resolution might just stick throughout the year. Carry a water bottle wherever you go in your backpack or bag.

If you need more motivation for hydration, try a water bottle like this one that marks how much you should drink throughout that day.

2. Find Easy Ways to Move Your Body

Instead of ‘Work Out More’ or ‘Lose X Pounds’

We all joke about how crowded the gym is each January. This year, keep your workout-related resolutions more chill. The goal here isn’t to say you’re going to work out a certain amount, or get a bikini bod for spring break, just commit to moving your body. Everyone likes to be active in different ways, figure out your ideal exercise. Maybe it’s going to Fike, or it can even be as simple as laying out your yoga mat for morning stretches.

Use a smartwatch or your phone to monitor your steps. Instead of scrolling social media when you need a study break, take a quick walk. Find ways to insert movement and exercise into your everyday schedule.

Fun Fact: This resolution is especially easy if you’re an EPOCH resident, you can take advantage of a 24/7 gym, walking trails, basketball and volleyball courts!

3. Stop Procrastinating

Instead of ‘Get Straight A’s’

Yes, grades are important, especially for those applying to grad school or internship programs that require transcripts. Instead of focusing on the end game (the grade), focus on the journey, and the work it will take you to get there. Stop putting things off and waiting until the last minute to start assignments.

Pulling all-nighters has been scientifically proven to be ineffective. Future you will thank yourself when you’re rested and ready for midterms, and not frantically printing out your paper five minutes before class.

4. Prioritize Self-Care

Instead of ‘Sleep More’

College students have a lot on their plates to balance; studying, classes, clubs, part-time jobs, social life. Time for self-care can often fall from the wayside. This year, don’t forget about taking time for yourself.

Self-care can be sleeping, but find other activities as well. Consider meditating, allowing yourself time to relax, even non-school related reading. Whatever fills your cup, make sure it’s on your regular daily or weekly schedule.

5. Make Time to Tidy

Instead of ‘Be More Organized’  

Most of us have heard of Marie Kondo’s international best-seller (and now Netflix series); The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. There’s a reason it went viral—decluttering does indeed have amazing qualities that will make you happier. However, for college students, purging and taking time to re-organize your entire dorm or apartment, might not be as feasible.

A more attainable resolution is to pick up after yourself and collect fewer items. Give yourself five minutes every morning or before bed to tidy up your desk or bedroom area. College living spaces are short on space as it is, and if you have a roommate, they will thank you as well. When you’re not surrounded by clutter, you’ll feel freer to do your best work or indulge in self-care time.

6. Avoid Over Committing Yourself

Instead of ‘Try New Things’

Honestly, you have your entire life to try new things, and for most college students—especially freshman—every day you’re trying new things. You are living away from home, taking new classes each semester, signing up for activities and clubs, and meeting new people. Instead, focus on saying no to things.

It’s easy to want to go to every party, apply for a part-time job or internship, sign up for extra classes, then around mid-semester you realize you aren’t sleeping, and you’re half present. This year, check your FOMO at the door. Say no to invitations, be realistic with how much time you can dedicate to activities, and don’t stretch yourself too thin.

7. Take Advantage of all Clemson Has to Offer

Instead of “Travel More”

We’re not saying don’t go abroad or take weekend trips, but your college career will finish in the blink of an eye. Take advantage of all the unique and amazing things that Clemson has to offer, whether it be football traditions (#ALLIN), awesome food, or world-class academic programs. Make the best of the few short years you have in Tigertown.

Ready to rock the New Year and keep your resolutions?

Ditch the cliché “New Year, New You” mindset, instead focus on “New Year, Happier You”!

The key to sticking with your resolutions past February 1st is to avoid the all or nothing perspective. There will be days where you aren’t your best self, and your resolutions go out the door (finals week—we’re looking at you). But, that’s okay! Nobody is perfect. Don’t beat yourself and pick up your resolutions when you can. Then you’ll find your resolutions will turn into habits.

Ready to live your #BestLife this year?

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