Stop Doomscrolling: Follow These 10 Instagram Accounts for Good News and Encouragement

Phone with instagram next to plant on table

Just recently, the Oxford English Dictionary announced its 2020 Words of the Year, and to the surprise of almost nobody with a smartphone, “doomscrolling” made the list. This refers to the overconsumption of bleak, alarming news on social media—and since it’s 2020, there’s no shortage of this content. But how do you stop doomscrolling through the bad and depressing news?

Of course, it’s important to be aware of the various issues affecting this world, from the global pandemic to racial injustice to climate and economic crises. But too much negative information can lead to anxiety, stress, fear, insomnia, depression or low energy, according to the Cleveland Clinic

If you’re stuck in that social media vortex of doomscrolling lately, it’s time to create a better balance. Stop scrolling through only the bad. Insert some happiness into your feed! Follow these eight inspirational and encouraging Instagram accounts.

1. Good News Movement

Handle: @goodnews__movement

Curated by CNN journalist Michelle Figueroa, this account only posts headlines of uplifting news stories. You’ll find content such as a 64-year-old mom accepted into a Ph.D. program at University of Pennsylvania or a DACA recipient and Rhodes Scholar thanking his elementary school teacher for their positive influence. In other words, this account is full of kindness, encouragement, resilience and motivation. 

2. Humans of New York

Handle: @humansofny 

What started as a photoblog in 2010 grew into a viral artistic and philanthropic movement with offshoots all over the world. Brandon Stanton, the photographer behind Humans of New York, is on a mission to gather portraits and interviews from New Yorkers on the street and bring awareness to their narratives of hope and strength. From autoimmune disease warriors to children of immigrants to healthcare first responders, each diverse story is beautiful and impactful.

3. Michelle Kuei

Handle: @elevatelifecoach

Known as the “Negative Self-Talk Coach,” author and podcaster Michelle Keui’s platform is all about teaching her followers how to reframe inner dialogue. Come for the inspirational quotes and mantras such as, “When you trust that you can accomplish joy in times of adversity, that conviction will give you hope.” Then stick around for the whimsical graphics that remind you to embrace a self-care routine, nurture your confidence, take a few deep breaths or celebrate what makes you unique.  

4. Calm Sage

Handle: @thecalmsage

In a climate of uncertainty, it’s essential to care for your mental health. This Instagram account is packed with resources that will help you stop scrolling and start feeling empowered. Calm Sage offers: 

  • Advice from clinical therapists
  • Mindfulness tips to ground you in the present
  • Holistic coping mechanisms to ward off anxiety
  • Ideas on how to combat “Zoom fatigue” (because, 2020) 

With colorful, vibrant images and helpful, actionable information, think of this account as a toolkit for both mental and emotional wellness.   

5. Mindset of Greatness

Handle: @mindsetofgreatness

For almost seven years, this platform has been posting daily mantras to awaken, inspire and galvanize its audience of 2.7 million. Instead of starting your morning with doomscrolling, you’ll see insightful and reassuring daily messages on your feed, thanks to Mindset of Greatness. One of the latest mantras reads: 

“Trust that what is meant to be in your life is gravitating towards you. You are a magnetic being attracting your deepest desires and manifesting your dreams.” 

6. We Rate Dogs 

Handle: @weratedogs 

Calling all doggo lovers! We Rate Dogs is a “professional dog-rating” Instagram account you never knew you needed. The captions perfectly describe dogs of all backgrounds. They don’t rate a single good boi or girl under 10/10 (because why would you??). There’s also a funny recurring theme of the account managers telling those who submit pics of dressed-up dogs that they only rate dogs. 🙂

If you love cute dog pics and puns galore, you will NOT be disappointed with this follow.  

7. Christopher Griffin

Handle: @plantkween

One glance at horticulturist Christopher Griffin’s (a.k.a. Plant Kween) cheerful, bright and flashy aesthetic, and it’s impossible not to feel the contagious joy he/she/they exudes. Self-described as “botanical obsessed,” Christopher has more than 160 plants in his/her/their Brooklyn apartment. Christopher shows others how to re-create the ecotherapy benefits of nature indoors. With quirky captions, bold images and expressive smiles all around, the energy and life that radiate from this account are infectious. You’ll also get some everyday tips with a side of hilarity—check out this post to rejuvenate yourself after a long day of work.

8. I Weigh

Handle: @i__weigh

On a campaign to promote “radical inclusivity, so that no one feels alone,” I Weigh is the brainchild of British actress, influencer and activist Jameela Jamil. In 2018, Jamil started this account as a medium to challenge unrealistic beauty expectations and, in the process, launched a movement that encourages self-love and acceptance—no matter your weight or size. I Weigh has since become a platform to celebrate all forms of diversity too, from race to gender to sexual orientation to physical abilities.

9. Morgan Harper Nichols 

Handle: @morganharpernichols

Morgan Harper Nichols, poet, artist, musician and storyteller, entrances followers with her stirring artwork and resonant words. Each of the drawings or poems featured on her Instagram account are born out of Harper’s real-life interactions with the people she meets. She views her platform as an outlet for human connection, where curiosity and empathy can flourish. Her fusion of both eye-catching visuals and compelling quotes will stop scrolling in its tracks, so don’t sleep on this account.  

10. Tank’s Good News

Handle: @tanksgoodnews

The OG good news account and the brain-child of meme creator, Tank Sinatra, this account shares only happy and positive stories. As the name implies, once you follow, your feed will be peppered with hopeful, heart-warming and cheerful news.

Stop Doomscrolling and Insert Some Good News Into Your IG Feed

Social media is a powerful tool for communication and information. However, there’s no doubt it can spread negativity and polarization too. Being mindful about the content you consume could make an enormous difference in your mental health and everyday happiness. 

What positive Instagram accounts do you turn to when doomscrolling threatens your peace of mind? Do you follow these platforms already? What are some other accounts worth adding to this list? DM us on Instagram to let us know!