Things to do This Summer at Clemson

Students on a boat with dogs

Whether you chose to stay in Tiger Town to take a summer course or for a job/internship, you’ve probably noticed that campus tends to clear out once classes end. Well, don’t worry, there are still plenty of things to keep you occupied over the summer months! We’ve compiled a list of some of the best things to do this summer at Clemson.

Young man paddleboarding on lake

Embrace the #LakeLife

There’s no getting around it; the summer months are hot in South Carolina. Luckily, the campus sits directly on Lake Hartwell, and there’s also nearby Lake Keowee. Hit the beach, or if you’re lucky enough to have access to a boat, get on the water!

You can also rent canoes or kayaks at CORE with a valid student ID, or check out other local equipment rental companies. (PS: you can also follow our Instagram because we’ve given away a stand-up paddleboard, a jet ski, and a kayak already, with more to come!!) Don’t forget your sunscreen and lots of water to stay hydrated.

See the Local Sites

Maybe you were too busy during the semester to take in the local sites and attractions. Now’s your chance to be a tourist this summer at Clemson. Consider making an afternoon visit to some of these local spots:

Plan a Trip To Greenville or Other Nearby Cities

Clemson is very centrally located and close to lots of other fun destinations that are perfect for a summer road trip. Greenville, Charleston, Charlotte or Savannah are all within easy driving distance for a weekend adventure. Check out EPOCH’s weekend trip guide for more info on each city, and start planning your getaway now!


You will never get a better discount than when you’re a college student. Trust us, you’ll miss it once you graduate. Refer to this exhaustive list of places that offer student discounts, and don’t forget to ask at small, local businesses too!

Take Advantage of the Slower Pace

College student reading while relaxing in hammock outside

Thousands of folks leave Clemson during the summer, instead of lamenting it — enjoy it! Take advantage of the lack of crowds, and live at a slower, laid-back pace. Go to places you might avoid during the school year because of long lines. Try out the new shops you’ve meant to go to. Visit tucked away, quiet parts of the campus.

For instance, have you tried all these restaurants before? If not— what’s stopping you? Alternatively, try number 4 – 7 on our date list blog post (hint: these aren’t just for Valentine’s Day).

Go Camping

Clemson and South Carolina in general, are home to some stunning spots for camping and exploring nature. The weather will be warm all day and night, why not sleep in a tent (or under the stars)? Grab a group of friends and take in the great outdoors. Again, if you’re a student, you can rent camping gear from CORE.  

Don’t like sleeping on the ground? Fret not, check out these spots on Hipcamp. Many offer glamping options, (like a tree house, yurt, or cabin).

Enjoy Your Summer at Clemson

Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun during your summer at Clemson. You’ll notice its definitely a different experience and vibe than during the typical school year, and it will go by in a blink of an eye!