The Ultimate Packing List for College Students [PDF]

EPOCH has you covered with a packing list for college students that covers everything—check out our FREE downloadable PDFs (for dorms and apartments). 

Tiger Town Bound 

It’s that time of year again when students head back to the beautiful campus of Clemson University. For incoming freshmen, this comes with a flurry of excitement and nervousness. For returning upperclassmen, you might be anxious about moving from a dorm into your very first apartment. Parents have a mix of pride and sadness as their children prep for this major life step. 

However you’re feeling, one thing is for sure–there’s a lot you need to buy and pack before you head to Tiger Town. No matter how well prepared you think you are, you will forget things. 

Just look at any Bed Bath and Beyond or Target near a college campus during move-in week to confirm this fact. 

Download The Ultimate Packing List for College Students

To make sure you have the car packed with absolutely everything you need, EPOCH created the ultimate packing list for college students. Staying in the dorm? We’ve got you covered with the dorm edition. What about students headed to EPOCH and other off-campus apartments near Clemson? Use the apartment edition!

Other Packing Tips 

Don’t know the meaning of packing light? We get it! Especially for new students, it’s hard to know what to take and leave behind. Try a few of these packing tips to lighten your load: 

  • If you plan to go home during the semester or for Thanksgiving break, consider bringing only clothes for late summer/fall weather. Then swap out for your heavier winter wear when you go back home. (Just don’t forget your orange for #SolidOrangeFridays!) 
  • While you do want to avoid the shopping crowds, if you’re driving a long distance, think about buying food or perishable items once you get closer to Clemson. 
  • If you’re moving into an apartment with roommates, coordinate who’s bringing what. Not only will this save you time and money, but valuable car space! Plus, you don’t need four Instapots. 
  • Instead of boxes, pack things in the storage bins that you plan on using in your dorm/apartment. Even decorative baskets can double as a moving box for small items!
  • Too many clothes? Use space bags to condense down.  

Packing for College Made Easy 

Simply download our easy one-page PDFs, use them on your phone, or print them and check off items as you shop and pack. We’ve included every possible thing you might need to live your best life at Clemson this fall. Avoid those long lines at the stores once you arrive at campus and bring everything you need for your dorm or apartment. 

Happy Moving, Tigers!