5 Valentine’s Ideas for Singles, Couples, and More

January 28, 2020
Valentine's Day heart candy

You might notice as soon as the holiday season ends, all advertisements, marketing, and retail stores start promoting another winter holiday—Valentine’s Day. This loved-fueled celebration is right around the corner, and contrary to popular opinion, it can be a fun day for everyone.

Whether you’re single, madly in love, or hate the idea of romance, we’ve got you covered. Check out the following five Valentine’s ideas for fun, festive, and unique ways to celebrate, no matter what your love life looks like.

1. Valentine’s Ideas for Singles

Valentine’s Day is all about love—but whoever said romantic love is all that counts? Take the day to cherish and celebrate the people in your life you love the most. It can be your childhood best friend, new college squad, family, or even your pet!

Surprise your friends with cards, flowers, or chocolates. You can even dress up and head out to a restaurant together for a lavish meal. (Check out these top ten restaurants in Clemson). Or head to a bar and go out dancing, Valentine’s Day does fall on a Friday this year!

Celebrate and shower your loved ones with affection, and let them know just how much their love means. 

2. Valentine’s Ideas for Recently Singled-Up Folks 

When you’ve been through a heartbreak, Valentine’s Day may be the last thing you want to think about. But instead of dreading your lack of “couple” status, use the day to focus on self-love.

Do whatever it is you need to do to feel cared for, nurtured, and comforted. Write a list of all your incredible traits. Blast Lizzo until you feel empowered. Cry if you need it. Buy yourself your favorite chocolates. (Check out our blog post on avoiding Sunday Scaries, these self-care ideas are perf for Vday weekend). 

Alternatively, if you want to block out all the romance and reminders of relationships, take a day to hibernate and unplug. Find an amazing binge-worthy show or buy a page-turner. Turn your phone on “do not disturb,” vow to stay off social media, and spend the day unwinding.

Remember, your relationship with yourself is guaranteed to be a life-long one. Take good care of it, and spend the day/weekend making yourself feel as loved and worthy as possible. 

3. Anti-Valentine’s Ideas for Romance Haters

Whether you’re single or not, you may not be into overly-sentimental, “lovey-dovey,” or romantic things. But that doesn’t mean Valentine’s Day isn’t for you! Instead of focusing on Cupid, hearts, and flowers, spend the day celebrating whatever it is that you do love.

Are you passionate about nature? Take yourself on a long, gorgeous hike. Love baking? Spend the day trying out new recipes. Are you a music fiend? Find a good show near you, or chill out with your favorite album.

Celebrating like this can be done alone, with friends, or with your partner! It’s a great way to feel the love—while avoiding singing cards or overdosing on sugar.

4. Valentine’s Ideas for Those Casually Dating

Valentine’s Day can feel like a danger zone if you’re casually dating. The holiday may feel too “serious” and put pressure on a new relationship or casual fling. But it doesn’t have to!

One way to handle this is to make your intentions clear. Let whoever you’re with know your opinions on gifts, cards, or romantic celebrations. Imagine how terrible it would be if they show up with a present on February 14th, and you have nothing but a smile. You can even arrange an intentionally low-pressure night, like grabbing takeout or hanging with mutual friends

Whatever you do, if you’re casually dating or hooking up with people (or a few people, no judgment!), don’t try to avoid or ignore Vday. It will be a big red elephant in the room. Simply acknowledge that it’s coming up, but you aren’t into celebrating. Remember, you’re in college now; it’s always better to take the mature path with potentially awkward situations. 

If that still feels like too much, don’t feel pressured into making it a romantic night. Instead, spend it with your friends or on self-care (see #1-3 above), and focus on other areas in your life that are love-filled. 

5. Valentine’s Ideas for Serious Couples

It’s easy to fall into the expected Valentine’s Day routine if you’re in a relationship—flowers, a card, chocolate, dinner, and maybe a gift. But your relationship is special and unique, so plan a celebration to match that!

Do something that really focuses on who you are as a couple. Do you both love classic films? Show each other your favorite movies! Did you meet in a literature class? Find a poetry open mic, or read works you love to each other. Are you opposites that attracted? Spend half the day doing something you love, and the other half doing something about them!

Use Valentine’s Day as a time to really highlight what makes your relationship unique. If you want to plan an awesome date, but you’re watching your budget, read our blog post 7 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank.

Valentine’s Day Can Be Loved By All

No matter your relationship to romance, this can be a day full of joy, love, and happiness. Whatever or whoever you love most, let this be a day to be grateful for it. 

And no matter what, a friendly reminder to take advantage of candy sales on the 15th— midterms are coming up, and you’ll be grateful for those treats! 😉🍫