5 Back-to-School Hacks to Keep School Stress-Free

July 28, 2023
College student holding laptop

Across the US, students are gearing up for fall semester 2023. A new school year doesn’t have to be stressful—and if you plan it right, you’ll have a fun and memorable few months ahead. Whether starting as a freshman or about to graduate as a senior, these hacks will help you stay on campus stress-free while staying on top of your studies

Get Textbooks or Supplies in Advance

Waiting until the first week of classes to purchase supplies or textbooks is a recipe for stress. Set aside time now to review your schedule and buy everything you need. Need help finding your books? Here are a few websites to help you rent or order textbooks quickly and cheaply.        

Develop a Time Management System

New research shows time management skills correlate with strong academic performance. The study reveals that students who manage their time effectively learn faster and score higher on exams. College is full of competing priorities—so creating a time management system that works for you is vital.  

Balance Courses and Extracurriculars

Whether you join an intramural sports team or student government committee, a musical theater troupe, an environmental club, or anything else, extracurricular activities will help you build a sense of community. The key is to find a balance between coursework and extracurriculars. As a general rule of thumb, focus 70 percent of your time on schoolwork while reserving the other 30 percent on things that help you relieve stress or get inspired. Everyone is different, so find the right balance that works for you.

Invest in Positive Social Connections 

A recent survey found that 53 percent of college students are lonely, and over 60 percent feel anxious or overwhelmed. But if you live on-campus or in a student housing complex, you can form meaningful connections easily with those you share a space with. Keeping up a social life can help you blow off steam after a hectic day of classes or a rigorous study session, so be intentional about building your friend group.  

Use the Available Campus Resources 

As part of your tuition and fees, you have unlimited access to on-campus resources to ease your transition into this fall semester of 2023. Check out the tutoring center to reach your academic goals, and visit the financial aid office to learn which scholarships are available. Dial campus security to make it home safely at night, schedule a counseling session at the health center, or stop by career services to plan for future ambitions. These resources are all there to help you be successful this year.

Head Into a Stress-Free Fall Semester 2023 

There’s no reason for back-to-school to escalate your stress levels—it should be an exciting time full of opportunities. So as the fall semester 2023 rounds the corner, use these hacks to start the year on a strong, positive note. With just a little planning, you’ll be more than ready for whatever this new semester has in store.