Student Housing for Clemson Students at EPOCH: Apartments, Townhomes, Cottages, Brownstones & Garden-Style Living
Bring your own passion because we’ve got everything else covered for you,
your friends, your date, your lab partner and even your dog.
And did we mention a lake?

  • Boat Slips

    If you have the boat, we have the slip for you to keep it in. It’s lake life as it should be – and it’s only available here.

  • Trails & Park-atecture

    Whether you’re running, strolling or looking for a new place to bike, you can do so on paths that are always open and that always lead to the lake.

  • Volleyball Court

    Serve, spike and score on our multiple sand courts equipped to challenge your neighbors to some friendly competition. Win and you keep the court. Lose and cool off at the lake before your rematch.

  • Basketball Court

    As in full regulation, lighted, fenced and swoosh-friendly. .

  • The Market Green

    Green and groomed is how we like to roll, so come alone, bring a friend, throw a Frisbee, take a nap. It’s your sprawling space to make it what you want.

  • The Market Café

    Our on-site café offers grab-and-go options for the picture-perfect picnic opportunity you’ll want to squeeze into your busy schedule.

  • The Market Pavilion

    This is really code for an event venue, which is really code for fun, with a stage, and both indoor and outdoor options to dance, dream, and everything in between.

  • Vista Café

    Relax alone, hang with friends or collaborate with classmates while you cook in our kitchen space that overlooks the lake.

  • Shuttle

    Get where you want to go on or around campus conveniently and comfortably, seven days a week, on us.

  • Pool

    Some days are just made for the lake…but when you’d rather be poolside, we have the place for you to suit up, lather up, and make our lounge chairs proud.

  • Pool House

    Only a few wet footprints away from your lounge chair is where you’ll find our clean and private bathrooms and changing areas.

  • Meeting House & Patio

    Gatherings, get-togethers, whatever you want to call them, it’s important for you to have a place to do you. So whether you want to chill inside or take in the tranquillity of our outdoor terrace, we have the space – and the scenery.

  • Resident Services Building

    When you’re happy, we’re happy. Whether you need help with something apartment-related or are looking for a place to store your bike, you’ll find everything you need to make your life - and your day - easier.

  • Fitness Club

    With 24/7 access and a wide range of the latest equipment, you can make your workouts what you want – when you want.

  • Game Room

    Close your eyes and imagine the pings and pongs of your childhood, the unmistakable sound of an 8-ball sinking, and then add a bunch of friends laughing and high-fiving. Now open them.

  • Study Rooms

    Sometimes a little focus goes a long way and alone time is just what you need to get the job done. Which is why you will find smaller, more private areas designed specifically for your personal academic success.

  • Tree Top Patio

    Our outdoor rooftop terrace offers a view of the lake, the trails, your friends…and is always open for you to kick back and enjoy the view.

  • Spray Tan

    Glow and go with our better-than-the real thing, FDA-approved bronzing onsite.