5 Tips to Help You Get a Part-Time Job

February 11, 2023

Managing your money can be tricky in college, especially if you don’t have income flowing in. And how are you supposed to keep your grades up with a full-time job, too? Instead of jumping all-in on a 40-hour work week, consider starting with a part-time job to support your lifestyle and keep up your coursework. 

If you’re new to the job market and haven’t gone through the employment process before, here are a few tips to help you get ahead:

1. Get a Job on Campus

Clemson student jobs are a perfect way to make extra income while you study for your future career. Having an on-campus job gives you flexibility to accommodate your schoolwork and other responsibilities. Clemson student jobs also have built-in perks that help you study, complete homework and build knowledge. 

As a student, you are also much more likely to be hired if you apply for an on-campus position. Many universities need extra hands to help things run smoothly and Clemson is no different. There are a few requirements to meet before applying for Clemson student jobs:

  • Cumulative 2.0 GPA or above;
  • Enrolled as a part-time or full-time Clemson student;
  • Follow student work hour limitations;
  • Meet the student worker guidelines.

But the best part is, you don’t have to do the job search alone. The Clemson Center for Career and Professional Development can help you find the best on-campus job to suit your needs. 

2. Use the Internet to Your Advantage

Thousands of part-time jobs for college students are posted online every day. Many positions specifically appeal to college students for their flexibility and part-time hours. Use the internet to your advantage by searching for part-time positions on job websites. This will narrow your selection and help you find a job matching your schedule and income needs. 

An important note: when searching for part-time jobs, remember that not all social media profiles are private. Many employers will look through your public profiles before hiring you, even if the position is part-time. If your profiles are public and you don’t want an employer searching through your old content, make them private before you begin your job search.

3. Know Your Availability in Advance

College schedules can be hectic, so make sure you know your class schedule before walking into an interview. This will make you look prepared, responsible and reliable to prospective employers. Most jobs ask for your work availability during the application process; you can easily apply to multiple part-time jobs if you memorize your availability beforehand. 

If you’re bad at remembering your calendar, write your class schedule down on paper and find available time slots when you can work. Memorize those free windows before your interview begins. As you build your future schedule, don’t forget to leave extra time for studying, homework, and taking care of your mental health.

4. Look for Career-Related Positions

You attend Clemson University because you have career goals for the future. Why not get a head start on them by working part-time in your future industry?

Depending on your major, there may be Clemson student jobs that introduce you to your future career field. You can do lower-level work than the field demands while making meaningful connections with faculty. 

Picking a career-related part-time job will serve you well in the long run. After you graduate, connections are critical. You may even get important recommendation letters and score significant positions from the people you worked with in your part-time job!

5. Take Interviews Seriously

Even if you apply for a food service or retail job, the interview process is still super important. This process is good practice for interviewing in your future career field!

Take every part-time job interview seriously to make yourself stand out. Employers are looking for workers who are motivated and mature. Follow these guidelines to improve your chances of success during interviews:

  • Arrive 15 minutes early;
  • Dress professionally;
  • Avoid using profanity; 
  • Bring a notebook and pen;
  • Provide a print-out of your schedule and availability;
  • Speak clearly and positively;
  • Smile often;
  • Highlight your strengths. 

When it comes to job interviews, sometimes the mantra “fake it ’til you make it” can be the way to go. Even if you don’t feel confident, you should act like you will get the job. Confidence looks great on you!

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