EPOCH Clemson Opening FAQs

July 26, 2019

Questions about EPOCH Clemson’s grand opening or move-in day? We’re here to help. See below for the latest FAQs and answers from your EPOCH Clemson team!

When is EPOCH opening?

  • We have 3 move-ins scheduled – August 14, 15, and 16.
  • All pre-leased apartments will be open, furnished and ready for move-in on their scheduled day.
  • We are on schedule to deliver 818 beds that fall into Phase I of the project.
  • Out of the 818 beds we are delivering we have leased 631.

When can students officially move in?

  • Each resident has been issued a move-in day and time based on where their building is located on site.

Which buildings are not complete?

  • We have sets of cottages (34) that are part of phase II. All other buildings are on schedule to be completed by the first move-in on August 14.

Will there still be construction following move-in?

  • There will be minor construction taking place on the interiors of the phase II cottages as well as some final landscaping components that may not be completed by move-in. The minor construction will consist of interior work that will need to be completed and we are working to ensure the landscaping components are in areas that will not impact the resident experience.

Current Property Update

  • 86% of the beds are in final punch/clean and have furniture being installed.
  • The remaining 14% of beds are scheduled to be in final punch at the end of next week and on schedule to deliver on 8/15.

Will my specific [apartment/townhome/brownstone] be ready?

  • Yes – we are on schedule to move in all currently-signed residents as well as additional anticipated residents that are still looking to sign.  We currently have 631 leases signed and 818 beds that are scheduled to be completed and ready to move into beginning August 14th.

Can I see the property/tour on-site before move-in day?

  • At this time, we are unable to permit any vehicles or persons that are not part of the construction team and the associated partners/vendors that are working in conjunction with our team. We had planned to send out resident communication at the beginning of next week to show interiors of units and property progress as well as updates, which we still fully plan to do.

Why is there still construction?

  • Due to record rain the first half of this year, we are not where we planned to be at this time; however, the construction team is working diligently around the clock to ensure the apartments leased are ready on move-in day for current and anticipated residents. There is a section of cottages that is not being leased and these are scheduled to deliver in phase II after move-in.

Will all the buildings and amenities be complete/available?

  • The majority of the buildings onsite will be complete, however there are cottage buildings that are in Phase II of the project that will not be fully complete, however the main construction components and exteriors will be complete in these on move-in. As for amenities, we have high confidence in being able to stay on the current schedule which would deliver them by move-in.  We have prioritized the amenities in such a way as to identify those in which have high impact on the resident experience and those that may not.

Will the leasing office be complete / will residents get all of their keys before move-in?

  • Yes – we will be fully prepared to have all resident keys and other necessary items ready for pickup on their scheduled move-in day.

What about landscaping?

  • Landscaping is underway – we expect to have all main areas of the property and around buildings landscaped, but do feel that there will be areas that may not be complete but should not impact the residents moving in.

Will it be safe (for me, my child etc.)?

  • Yes – the areas of the property that are key to the residents’ experience – their home and amenities – will be safe.  The areas where the phase II cottages are located will be blocked off and were strategically picked so as to not have an impact on the residents and therefore are not in areas where any resident would need to have access.

Will parking be an issue on move-in day?

  • There will be ample parking move-in day and going forward. The only parking that will not be available will be the parking that is designated for the future residents of the phase II cottages. We will be sending out further details on move-in day parking as well as the parking after move-in is complete.

Will everything operate as normal when you open?

  • Yes, we fully expect to operate the property as planned with the possible exception for low impact areas/amenities that may deliver soon after the first move in day.

When will the shuttle to campus begin operating?

  • We currently have our shuttle scheduled to operate on the first day of class which is set for August 21st. If we see an opportunity to start either of our shuttles prior to that time we will inform residents directly.

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