Need help finding someone to take over your lease?

January 30, 2020
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If you’re an EPOCH resident who has signed a lease, but taking a semester abroad or taking time off, you might be worried about what to do. While you want to keep your amazing room, apartment and roommate setup, you don’t want to be on the hook for covering your portion of the monthly rent. Don’t stress! This is a common occurrence with university communities. We call it a lease takeover (LTO), where you find another student to sublet your room for a designated period, typically a semester.

To navigate your lease take over, use these tips and resources. 

Resources and Websites for LTO Listings 

The following websites can serve as a helpful resource for your lease takeover. Check them out and create a profile or listing to find a great potential new roommate to take over your lease.

To create a high-quality listing, remember to include all the apartment details, roommate information, as well as high-def pictures of the entire place.

Facebook Groups for LTOs

Harness the power of social media to tap into your Clemson community. There are several Facebook groups with thousands of members that post about LTOs and available sublets in the Clemson area. You can either create a listing on one of the above websites, and post the link to that listing, or try your luck with just using the Facebook group.

Don’t worry about safety, many groups are private or require a school email, to prevent any security issues. 

Make Sure Your LTO Works for Your Roommates  

Unless you’re subletting a one-bedroom or studio, odds are that you have roommates in your apartment. Don’t forget that you need to work with them to find a substitute that will make everyone comfortable. Especially, if you plan to come back after your study abroad program. You don’t want to let a messy person rent your room and have angry roomies to deal with. 

Once you find potential applicants for your LTO, try to set up a meeting with them and your roommates. This way, you can tell them all the particulars about the apartment as well as informally interview them and make sure everyone gets along. Ask your roommates to list out a few of the traits that are important to them for cohabitation (I.E., boy or girl, must be clean, quiet, not a partier, etc.). Combine those traits into one list with your house rules and give that to your potential subletter to make sure they also understand the environment they’ll move into. 

Doing a little extra work up front will ensure everyone stays happy in the long run! Read our guide: Living with a Roomie 101 for more tips and advice to find the perfect subletter. 

Check Lease Take Over Off Your To-Do List 

At EPOCH, we know that life happens. Our staff is flexible and willing to work with you during the lease takeover process. While it is your responsibility to find someone to take over your lease agreement, we’ll help you handle all the paperwork once you do!