Tips for Out-of-Town Apartment Hunting

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Are you looking for apartments near Clemson University, but happen to be out-of-town? If you’re a new or transfer student looking for high-quality off-campus housing, without actually being IN Clemson, do not fret! Modern-day technology has made digital and virtual apartment hunting a breeze! You can definitely find the college apartment of your dreams without stepping foot in Clemson, SC! 

Check out our tips and tricks for your long-distance housing search and find the perfect place in Tiger Town. 

Figure Out Your Budget 

Your monthly or yearly budget is the first step in sifting through the many options of different apartments in Clemson. With several communities available, deciding your budget (for your portion of the rent) will help you quickly narrow down what works and what doesn’t. 

Make a List of Your Must-Haves 

What are you looking for in off-campus housing? For example, do you want your own bathroom? Is it a must that you’re walking distance from campus or have a free shuttle to get you there? Do you want to be close to fun, recreational activities? Can you simply not live without a pool? Make a list of your must-haves, and then your “nice-to-haves” (these would be things you want, but can do without). Then use your list, so that you can easily eliminate apartments in Clemson that don’t meet your standards.

(P.S. EPOCH has all of the above must-haves, in case you’re wondering!)  

Research Online 

For many students, their college apartment might be their first experience renting a place of their own. When researching your potential new home, there are several important factors to consider. Don’t get overwhelmed, instead get informed. We’ll help you research all the right information while out-of-town apartment hunting. 

Use this list as your guide when you look at websites for potential apartments:

  • Maps: First, where is property? Some off-campus housing near Clemson claims to be “right next to Clemson” or “adjacent to Clemson campus,” but those can be relative terms and really mean driving distance from campus. Map it out to be sure.
  • Floor plans: These visuals give you a birds-eye view of the layout of the apartment. This is really important given your individual living situation. For example, are you looking for a place with other roommates in mind? Do you want a studio? Do you want to live with several roommates (i.e., in a 4- or 6-bedroom apartment), or do you prefer a 2-bedroom/studio?  
  • Property images: Floor plans are just renderings, look for real images of the property to give you an idea of what it truly looks like. 
  • Video or 3D tours: A video is often more helpful than a still image, you can get a better sense of the space, the area, surroundings. Look for videos with tours or fly-overs that show you the interior, as well as the entire community and surrounding areas. 
  • Amenities: You want a community that offers options for recreation and relaxation. Do not worry—the apartments in Clemson are certainly no stranger to luxury amenities. Check each property for state-of-the-art amenities. Look for pools, fitness centers, on-site cafes or convenience stores, private shuttles to campus, dog-parks, outdoor space, spray tanning, lake access, study rooms, etc.   
  • Roommate matching: Want to live in a multi-bedroom apartment but need help finding like-minded folks? Many communities will offer roommate matching services. This will place you with students that are similar to you in age and personality. 
  • FAQs: Odds are, if you have a question, so has someone else, and those will likely be answered in the frequently asked questions section of a website.  

Check Reviews 

Sure, apartments might look fabulous on their website, but to get a third party (unbiased) perspective, look for reviews. Especially if you’re renting sight unseen, you want to make sure other renters confirm the quality of the property and management. 

Here are some resources to find renter reviews:

  • Google: Apartments’ business listing will have reviews from customers and residents right on the Google search page, see below on where to find them.   
Screen shot on how to check Google reviews for apartments in Clemson
  • Facebook: Facebook has a review system that a business can’t control (i.e., can’t delete bad reviews but only respond to them) 
  • a large database of listings and ratings 
  • Another listing site that offers reviews and ratings as well 

Don’t be discouraged if you do see one or two negative reviews, even the best apartments in Clemson might have an unhappy resident occasionally. Just make sure that the majority of the reviews are positive and other residents are happy to live there. 

See the Properties However You Can 

If you’re going to orientation or for a visit, make a list of all of the apartments near Clemson that you want to see and visit. You should check their websites to confirm business hours for the leasing office, and set up appointments for a viewing if you can. 

Facetime with EPOCH 

If you can’t make it to Clemson to see apartments IRL, don’t worry! The team at EPOCH has got your back. We’re happy to facetime with you to give you a personal tour of the property and apartments, as well as answer every question you might have. We’ll take our time and show you all of our EPOCH amenities (did we mention our hammock farm and private beach?) 

Don’t just rely on pictures and virtual tours, see EPOCH Clemson with your own eyes and chat with our experienced team today. 

Happy Apartment Hunting!

Your time at Clemson University will be some of the best years of your life. If you’re out-of-state or can’t manage a trip to look for off-campus housing, just use these tips and start your search. Remember that you deserve to love where you live. When looking for housing, be sure to find an apartment in Clemson where you feel comfortable and happy in a community that cares more and does more.